DJ Mag Review of 'Isis'


With Sophie's 'Call of Tomorrow' still out there doing good business, here comes the follow up already! 'Isis' displays the same characteristics that gave its forerunner such charm. The production basin is made up of toughened, steely and faintly proggy elements, grinding away to create a huge bottom end. The bass is bouncy and the drums well suited but all this wouldn't add up to a whole lot of anything if the riff wasn't so strong. Reflected against 'Call of Tomorrow', the melody is actually a step up in terms of quality. It initially nags its intro notes over a minute or so before smoothly guiding them into the break. Here warm, held keys link up with the twinkling back notes while the full version, main line riff taxis for take off. Some melodic tracks take a few listens to really register. This little beauty grabs you first time. Winner!