Symphony 009
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1. Walsh & Mcauley, A Long Way from Home (Rene Ablaze Mix), Infrasonic
2. Mike Oceanic, Wide Horizon, Capite Music
3. Adriz, Final Second (Ivica Vanevski & Saturn Six Remix), RSDR
4. Roger Shah, Darling Harbour (Fast Distance Remix), Armada
5. Karybde & Scylla, Reflexions of Light (Thomas Coastline Mix), Unearthed
6. Oceania Pres Cordonnier, Squares in Boxes (Suncatcher Mix), Alter Ego Digital
7. Icone, Hyperspace (AJ Hutch Mix), Flux Deluxe
8. Odonbat, Ray (Adriz Mix), Harmonic Breeze
9. Solis & Sean Truby, Empathy (Rey Mix), Infrasonic
10. Rene Ablaze, Metamorphic (Pluton & Turn Remix), Redux
11. Mark Dior, Memories of Tomorrow, Inov8 Recordings
12. Tim Preijers pres Sense of Shiver ft Boom, Offshore (Temple One Remix), Enhanced *Symphony Track of the Month*

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