Symphony 008

Sophie Sugar Symphony 008 - March 5th 2010

1. Enmass ft Cari Golden, So Please (Alexander Popov Mix), S107 Records
2. Chris Melton, Minttu, Armada
3. Stonevalley, Relative (Bjorn Hodel Mix), Relative
4. Activa & Giuseppe Ottaviani, Long Way Back, Discover
5. Steve Allen, Second Rule, Awsum White *Symphony Track of the Month*
6. Abraham Leoga, Stability (Trance Arts Mix), Crystal Source Recordings
7. Max Graham ft. Neev Kennedy - Sun In The Winter (Alex Morph Mix), Armada
8. Bissen, Sand 2010, Discover
9. Envio, Touched by the Sun (Amir Farhoodi Remix) *Symphony Timeless Track*
10. Paul Trainer, Deal with It, (Rapid Sense Remix), Captivating
11. Running Man - Now We are Free, Finity
12. Chris Metcalfe , Outback, Armada

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