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Sugar Winter Mix [download]

  1. M6, There and Back Again, Captivating
  2. Lange, Out of The Sky feat Sarah Howells (Kyau & Albert Mix), Maelstrom
  3. Kyau & Albert, Hide & Seek (Club Dub), Euphonic
  4. Reminder feat Alynn Carte (Carl B Mix), Afterglow
  5. Arnej, People Don't Change, ASOT
  6. Ben Gold, Life, Sean Tyas Mix
  7. Bexta, In My Mind, Mixology
  8. Thomas Bronzwaer, Titan, ASOT
  9. Hodel & Hornblad, Hydrogen (David Newsome Mix), Enhanced
  10. Dutch Force, Deadline

Sophie Sugar - 2008 - Mix 1 [download]

  1. Martin Roth feat Alex Bartlett, Off the World (Martin Roth Intro Mix)
  2. Marcus Schulz - Perfect (Agnelli & Nelson Mix)
  3. Yoav - Beautiful Lie (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)
  4. Ralphie B - Massive (Mike Nichol Mix)
  5. Dimitri Fedorov - Falling of Stars (Paul Miller Remix)
  6. Sophie Sugar, Redemption
  7. Dobenbeck, Please Don't Go (Greg Downey Remix)
  8. Peter Martijn Pres Majesta, Not The End (Tom Colontonio Remix)
  9. Talla 2XLC, No In Between (John O Callaghan Mix)
  10. Greg Downey, Stadium

Sophie Sugar - 2008 - Mix 2 [download]

  1. System K featuring Marcie, Deep In Me (Robert Vadney Mix)
  2. Majai, Phoria (Elevation Remix)
  3. Kuffdam and Plant, Tears (3 way mix)
  4. Tom Colontonio, Paradigm Shift
  5. Sophie Sugar, Day Seven
  6. Akkeson, Perfect Blue
  7. Manuel Le Saux, Waterfall
  8. Sebastian Brandt, Technology
  9. Sebastian Brandt, So Cold
  10. Sophie Sugar, Redemption
  11. Dobenbeck, Please Don't Go (Greg Downey Mix)

Sophie Sugar - 2008 - Mix 3 [download]

  1. Fei Fei, Never Forget (Klems Remix)
  2. Matt Cerf & Evelio ft Jaren, Walk Away (Lange Remix)
  3. 4 Strings, Catch A Fall (Club Remix)
  4. Blue Tente, Antarctic Night, (Reaves and Ahorn mix)
  5. Mirco De Govia, Evolution Part 2 (Stoneface and Terminal Mix)
  6. CJ Stone, Surrender (Tiddey Vocal Mix)
  7. Push, Trance Indicator
  8. Bissen, Sandstone
  9. Sophie Sugar, Redemption
  10. Aurora, Temple One

Sophie Sugar - 2007 [download]

  1. Vinny Troia feat Jaidene Veda, Flow (Gareth Emery Remix)
  2. Sound Fiction feat Kate Cameron, Alive (Matias Lehtola Dub Mix)
  3. Thomas Datt, Distance
  4. Senses Presents Silver Aurora, Silver Aurora (Frase Mix)
  5. John Askew, How Can I Put This (John O'Callaghan Mix)
  6. Thomas Bronzwaer, Close Horizon (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)
  7. Sophie Sugar, Fallen Too Far
  8. Sophie Sugar, Sense of Connection
  9. Thomas Bronzwaer, Constellation
  10. Aly & Fila, Tears of Hope (Greg Downey Mix)